Tyler Kevin Warner
Tyler Warner

Ring Name:

Tyler Warner




180 lbs


January 4, 1982 (Age 30) Los Angeles, California

Billed From

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Trained By:

Dusty Rhodes

Ricky Steamboat


July 11, 2011

Early Life

Tyler is the oldest out of three Siblings. He was the one that watched over his sisters when no one else would. When he got out of High School he started training to be a Wrestler and training his sisters as well

Wrestling Career

Tyler debuted on Raw on July 11th with his sister and debuted by defeating Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. After the match R-Truth attacked him from behind and Tyler repaid him by costing him the Money In The Bank Match at Money In The Bank.

A few weeks later Tyler earned a World Heavyweight Title shot against Carrie Wilson but he lost. After that he got into a feud with R-Truth and his sister Kiki Killings but he had help from his sister Caylee Warner that rivalry ended when Truth and Kiki got fired from the WWE by Triple H and his daughter Laura Levesque. Darning the Walkout on October 3rd Tyler did not walk out but stayed with a couple of Superstars in the back

Tyler is currently in a Intercontinental Title Feud with Cody Rhodes. In addition to that he's restarted his feud with R-Truth since he got rehired along with the Miz by Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis.

Tyler's Intercontinental title feud ended when Karla Wilson won the title but is currently in a feud with Jack Swagger which means he is also going after the US Championship which that feud ended due to him replacing Mark Henry in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. He has also been very vocal about how Daniel Bryan has been treating his sister Brooke Warner. On the February 10th Edition of Smackdown Tyler was on Commatary darning the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan match. After the match he chased Bryan to the back.

Personal Life

Tyler is the older brother of Caylee Warner and WWE Champion Brooke Warner. He is currently Dating Raw GM Adrienne Irvine


  • Villain Kick (Roundhouse Kick)

Tag Teams/Stables

Teams with his siblings mostly


  • Caylee Warner

Entrance Music

  • Made Of Scars by Stone Sour (Singles Theme 1)
  • Villain by Theory Of A Deadman (Singles Theme 2)
  • Believe by Breaking Benjamin (Used when teaming with his Siblings)

Twitter Account

Tyler's Twitter account is @TylerWarner and he mostly posts updates and pictures.