Stephanie Celeste Speed
Stephanie Speed


March 16, 1987 (Age: 25)


Manteca, California


Los Angeles, California

Early Life

Stephanie is the youngest out of her two brother Scott and Alex and she didn't want to race like them at first but as she got older she started becoming facinated in it.

Racing Career

Stephanie started her career by racing in Formula One in 2007 and raced there for a couple of years. The reason why she chose to race in the Formula One Series first because she likes to travel and she quoted to saying "NASCAR doesn't give you that opportunity to travel around the world."

While in Formula One Stephanie won a couple of races but her biggest one was winning the Formula One World Championship in 2010. She almost one the same championship in 2011 but she came in second place. After that race it was announced that Stephanie has signed with BK Racing for the 2012 Sprint Cup Season driving the number 4 Car.

In the first few Races of the Sprint Cup Series Stephanie has stayed in the top 10 in all of them with her highest position being in 3rd place in one.

Personal Life

Stephanie is the younger sister of Scott Speed and Alex Speed and looks up to them very much. Stephanie loves to travel as she states so many times in interviews. Stephanie is also an animal lover.

Twitter Account

Stephanie's twitter account is @StephanieSpeed25. She mostly uses it to post updates and post pictures of where she's been around the world.