All Three Members Of Starpower


Karla Wilson (Leader)

Adrianna Alvirde

Caylee Warner




May 16, 2011






Starpower first came about when WWE United States Champion Karla Wilson and new Diva Adrianna Alvirde had enough of the Bella Twins so they decided to do something about and got into a feud with the Bella's. The feud still goes on just not as much.

Their next feud was against Kharma after Karla and Adrianna had enough of Kharma pushing around all the divas. The feud didn't last long because Kharma had to take a leave due to pregnancy. After Kharma left Starpower once again feuded with the Bellas.

In September they added Caylee Warner as the third member and they continued to feud with the Bellas but they also started feuding with some of the Heel Divas as well including Kiki Killings and Danica Reed that feud ended with Kiki and Danica got fired by Co VP of the WWE Divas Laura Cena. Their feud with Kiki and Danica is expected to continue since Co VP Stacy Laurinaitis hired them back. They are also feuding with all four members of the Divas Of Doom. On October 3rd Starpower were the only people to stand by WWE COO Triple H when everyone else walked out on him.

Finishing MovesEdit

Karla's Finishing Moves

  • Game Over (Backwards DDT)
  • Crossface

Adrianna's Finishing Moves

  • Shooting Star Press
  • Moonsault Side Slam
  • Tilt a Whirl Headscissors

Caylee's Finishing Move

  • Set In Stone (Walls Of Jericho)

Title Reigns/AccomplishmentsEdit

  • 2 Time WWE United States Champion (Karla)
  • 1 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion (Current) (Karla)

Theme SongsEdit

  • Fade Out by Seether