Serenity Lilian Mercer
Serenity Mercer

Ring Name:





117 lbs


June 1, 1992 (Age 19) Cleveland, Ohio


Nashville, Tennessee or Orlando, Florida

Billed From:

Brooklyn, New York

Trained By:


Mandy Jones

Rosa Morgan

Megan Durdle


June 9, 2011

Early Life

When Serenity was growing up she was labeled as a nerd because she always got higher grades than everyone and studied more. She was also labeled as a Army Brat because her brother Tommy (Crimson) was in the Army but she was proud of that label. Serenity always got in fights because of people calling her short. She stopped as soon as Tommy agreed to train her to be a wrestler.

Wrestling Career

After High School Serenity started wrestling in the Indies for a year until TNA Vice President Katie Borden signed her to a deal. She debuted in TNA on June 9 teaming with her brother Crimson to take on Aerlyn Seanoa and her brother Samoa Joe in a winning effort. Serenty accompained Crimsion to the ring at Slammiversary in his match against Samoa Joe with Crimson defeating Joe.

Serenity isn't used much on Impact yet but is mostly used on Explosion It is expected that she will be in a rivalry with Rosa Morgan if Matt Morgan or Crimson turn heel.

Personal Life

In addition to her professional wrestling Career Serenity is taking busness classes at the Universary of Central Florida. She is Classmates with Katie Borden and will gradulate in 2012 like her. She is also best friends with Nichelle Figueroa

Siblings: Crimson (Brother)


  • Short Fuse (Her Version of the Batista Bomb)
  • Red Sky
  • Red Alert
  • Spear


  • Serenity
  • Little Crimson (She hates this one)

Wrestlers Managed

  • Crimson
  • Mandy Jones

Entrance Music

  • All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U

Twitter Account

Serenty's Twitter account is @BrooklynBeauty14 she mostly uses it to talk to friends, fans and family and to get on to Crimson for calling her short on there.