Scarlett Sarah Benjamin
Scarlett Benjamin

Ring Name:

Scarlett Benjamin




130 lbs


April 9, 1989 (Age: 23) Indiana, Pennsylvania

Billed From:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Kurt Angle


April 10, 2012 (Smackdown)

Early Life

Scarlett grew up an only child to a stay at home mom and a Gym owner. While growing up she helped her dad around the Gym and that's when she met Kurt Angle. After meeting him he trained her for a while before she went on the Indy's

Wrestling/Referee Career

In addition to Wrestling Scarlett worked as a referee too and she was good at it and decided she would want to be one the most. While working on the Indy's she met Libby Matthews and Casey Hall and became fast friends with the duo. While working on the Indy's they met Chelsea Benoit and she offered them WWE Contracts saying that 'The WWE needs referees that are not pussies and not scared to take a hit or two.' When Libby and Casey signed Wrestling Contracts in addition to Referee Contracts Chelsea offered Scarlett a Wrestling Contract and Scarlett said she would take it later.

Scarlett Benjamin 2

Scarlett debuted on April 10th refereeing the Main Event with was "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Chelsea and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio and Lira Santiago On the April 21st Edition of Smackdown Scarlett refereed the Natalya/Brooke Warner match. Darning the match Brooke went crazy and Scarlett had to pull her off a couple of times before DQing her. On the April 26th Edition of Superstars Scarlett refereed the April/Kimberly vs. Charity/Farrah match which Farrah and Charity won. One night later on Smackdown Scarlett refereed the Victoria/Trinity vs. Taylor/Brooke match which she had to DQ the later team because Brooke went crazy. She also refereed the Kayla/Serena vs the Bella Twins which Kayla and Serena won that match.

Personal Life

Despite being an only Child Scarlett thinks of Libby and Casey as sisters. She also keeps in touch with Kurt Angle

Finishing Moves

  • Ankle Lock
  • Intoxicated (Angle Slam)

Entrance Music

  • Intoxicated by Lacuna Coil

Twitter Account

Scarlett's Twitter account is @ScarlettSarahBenjamin. She mostly uses it to post updates and talk to her friends on there.