Riley Eshe Stephens
Riley Stephens

Ring Name:

Riley Stephens




120 lbs


June 6, 1989 (Age: 22) Linden, Guyana

Billed From:

Guyana, South America


Tampa, Florida


January 28, 2011

Early Life

When Riley was a teenager she moved to the states with her Brother while he went to collage. While he was training to be a wrestler Riley wanted to be one too so he began training her.

Wrestling Career

Riley debuted on Smackdown on January 28, 2011 after step in GM Arianna Irvine signed her. She saved both her and Ally Copeland from a beatdown from the New Nexus Divas (Tonya Griffiths And Alicia Brooks) after that Ally and Arianna introduced her as a member of The Corre. At The Royal her and the rest of The Corre Divas were in WWE Divas Champion Laura Levesque corner when she faced off against Tonya. When Riley did not expect it she with the rest of the Corre Divas got attacked by a masked Diva who went by the name of Bridge who was really Bridget Guerrero there her, Ally and Arianna began a rivalry with the three of them.

One Month Later at Elimination Chamber Riley and the rest of the Corre Divas faced off in the first ever Divas Elimination Chamber match against the New Nexus Divas there Riley would walk out as the Divas Champion. She would successfuly defend her title against Tonya one month later at Wrestlemania 27.

When The Corre broke up Riley, Ally and Arianna remained a tag team and oftened teamed together. Riley kept her Divas Championship until the Power To The People Raw where she lost the title to Jasmine El. On The September 30th Episode of Smackdown Riley along with Arianna turned heel on Ally and new Diva Chelsea Benoit. The next week they explained their actions by saying they're tired of Ally hogging all the attention and Glory so they dumped her. The next week Riley lost against Ally.

At Vengence her and Arianna attacked Ally but was quickly chased away by Ally's Redemption teammates Laura Levesque and Chelsea Benoit. The next night on Raw it was announced that her and Arianna had joined forces with Co VP of the WWE Divas Stacy Laurinaitis and will go after the newly reinstated WWE Womens Championship at Survivor Series.

At Survivor Series Riley did not win the Womens Championship and was the second one eliminated from her team.

Personal Life

Riley is the younger sister of Ezekiel Jackson and his wife Jennifer. She is also the aunt of their two kids. Since February 2011 she's been dating Kofi Kingston.


  • Soaring Wind (Very powerful running DDT)
  • Torture Rack

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Arianna and Riley

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time WWE Divas Champion

Entrance Music

  • Fly by Nicki Minaj (Feat. Rihanna) (Singles Theme)
  • Lights Out by Hollywood Undead (Tag Team Theme with Arianna)

Twitter Account

Riley's twitter account is @RileyWWE. She mostly uses it to post updates and talk to Zeke and Kofi on there.