Rayma Genna Horler
Rayma Horler




130 lbs


November 19, 1973 (Age 38) New York City, New York


Miami, Florida

Trained By:

WCW Power Plant

Nitro Girls


July, 14, 1997 (WCW)

September 14, 2002 (WWE)


March 14, 2004

Early Life

Rayma grew up around alot of bad influnces including her parents. She didn't let it effect her until collage. In collage she met a guy and he got her into drugs and she got kicked out freshman year because of it. When Rayma got kicked out of collage she started working in Strip clubs until she met Kimberly Page.

Wrestling/Dancing Career

Rayma debuted for WCW in 1997 under the name Sapphire. Darning her time in WCW she was a Nitro Girl and mostly danced when they did. When Kimberly left the group she stayed neutral and kept dancing until WCW Closed.

Rayma debuted for WWE in 2002 under her real name attacking Lita and Molly Holly. Darning her time in the WWE was mostly a heel and attacked face Divas. She was released in 2004 because of her drug problems and hasen't wrestled since.

Personal Life

Before She joined WCW Rayma got into drugs in collage and had too many one night stands to get them. One of them resulted in her daughter Farrah whom she had to give up when she was 2 due to her not being able to take care of her. Over the past few years she has been in and out of Rehab numerous times over the past few years.