Natalie Nadya Bennett
Natalie Bennett

Ring Name:

Natalie Barrett




119 lbs


January 1, 1990 (Age: 22) Preston, England

Billed From:

Preston, England


Tampa, Florida

Trained By:

Wade Barrett

Ally Copeland

Justin Gabriel

Heath Slater

Arianna Irvine

Riley Stephens

Ezekiel Jackson


February 18, 2011

Early Life

Growing up Natalie was the baby of the family (Really). While growing up her brothers always protected her no matter what from bullies, to even boys. She didn't mind at first but as she got older she thought Stu (Wade) was being too overprotective but nonetheless when he went into wrestling Natalie followed him shortly after finishing high school

Wrestling Career

When Natalie debuted for the WWE She was put with the Corre. She wasen't really a member but hung around them nonetheless. She enjoyed her time handing out with them but knew that she was unpopular backstage because of her alience with them. When the Corre disbanded she mostly hung out with her brother and his fiancé for a while before going off on her own and wrestling.

Natalie won her first match and won and lost some here and there but hasen't had a real storyline or rivalry yet but doesn't mind because she's doing what she loves. Her first real storyline began when she attacked Lindsay Hager backstage on the February 21st Edition of Smackdown. She told her that she's tried breaking up Wade and Ally for too long and she's going to do something about it.

Personal Life

Natalie is is baby sister of Wade Barrett and is extremely close to him. Natalie Gradulated from high school with a 4.0 grade average. As of October 22, 2011 Natalie is in a relationship with Johnny Curtis.

Siblings: Wade Barrett (Brother), Martin Bennett (Brother), Ally Bennett (Sister In Law), Edge (Brother In Law), Carrie Copeland (Sister In Law), Karla Wilson (Sister In Law)

Finishing Moves

  • Death Sentence (Backbreaker)
  • Wasteland

Entrance Music

  • I'm Not Afraid by Lacuna Coil (Singles Theme 1)
  • The Pain by Lacuna Coil (Singles Theme 2)

Twitter Account

Natalie's Twitter account is @NatalieBarrett. She mostly uses it for updates, Post pictures or whatever.