Lakeisha Leah Davis Hughes
Lakeisha Davis

Ring Name:

Lakeisha Davis




115 lbs


February 9, 1989 New Rochelle, New York

Billed From:

New York City


Orlando, Florida

Trained By:


Bully Ray


April 23, 2009

Early Life

Lakeisha grew up with mostly her mom not knowing who her dad was. When she did she started training to become a Profesional Wrestler so she could join her dad at what he did.

Wrestling Career

Lakeisha first debuted for TNA as the Valet of Team 3D which meant she worked as a tweener most of the time. While valeting for them she won her first and only TNA Knockout Championship only to lose it a month later to TNA X Division Champion Katie Borden.

After losing the TNA Knockout Championship Lakeisha got involved in a rivalry with Awesome Kong. That rivalry ended when Kong got fired in February 2010. After that Lakeisha just continued to wrestle on Explosion and didn't do much in 2010.

In 2011 Lakeisha faced Bully Ray in a match because she was tired of him tormenting her family. Surprisingly she defeated him. On February 17th She joined Katie's newly Created Stable The Entourage with Katie, Ally Copeland, Ivory Williams, Eliza LoMonaco, and Lily Daniels. Currently she's helping out Ivory with Winter, Autumn and Angelina Love and also dealing with her family and the Pope D'Angelo Dinero at the Same time.

Personal Life

Lakeisha is the oldest Child of Devon and is also his only daughter. She is also the Step Daughter of Yessenia and is the older sister of Terrence, Terrell and Matthew. She is also close friends with Eliza LoMonaco as the two are currently living together due to family problems Lakeisha is dealing with.


  • Roger That (Hard Kick to The Skull)
  • Chokeslam

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Entourage

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time TNA Knockout Champion

Entrance Music

  • Roger That by Young Money (Singles Theme 1)
  • If I Die Today by Lil Wayne (Feat. Rick Ross) (Singles Theme 2)
  • High Voltage by Linkin Park (Entourage Theme)

Twitter Account

Lakeisha's Twitter Account is @Lakeisha50 she's new so she mostly talks to her friends and some fans on there.