Kimberly Cassandra Silvestry
Kimberly Silvestry

Ring Name:





125 lbs


March 10, 1989 (Age: 22) Brooklyn, New York

Billed From

Brooklyn, New York


Brooklyn, New York

Trained By:

Low Ki

Daniel Brian

Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles

Samoa Joe

CM Punk

Elix Skipper


September 7, 2010

Early Life

When Kimberly grew up she looked up to her older brother so much that she wanted to follow in his foot steps so she decided to be a wrestler. She even got his friends to train her before making her debut.

Wrestling Career

Kimberly debuted on Smackdown on September 7, 2010 in a backstage segment with her brother and LayCool and she told them stop treating him like their pet and she walked off with him. She later accompained him for his match. She continued to be his mananger until he asked for his release. After he did Kimberly began to Wrestle.

When Kimberly wrestled she didn't have any huge storylines but she didn't mind as long as she was doing what she loved. She was mostly used on Smackdown, House Shows, Dark Matches and Superstars. On the January 13th edition of Smackdown it was announced that Kimberly along with April Danielson was traded to Monday night Raw for all three members of Starpower.

On the April 26th Edition of Superstars Kimberly teamed up with April to take on Charity Bonin and Farrah Duran in the first round match to determine new Divas Tag Team Champions. Kimberly and April didn't advance.

Personal Life

Kimberly is the younger sister of Low Ki and is extremely close to him.

Finishing Moves

  • The End Is Here (Missile Drop Kick)
  • Dragon Clutch
  • Kim Krusher (Fisherman driver)

Wrestlers Managed

  • Low Ki (Kaval)

Entrance Music

  • Waiting For The End by Linkin Park (Singles Theme)