Kara Evelyn Waters
Kara Waters

Ring Name:

Kara Burchill





119 lbs


April 4, 1984 Luneburg, Germany


Louisville, Kentucky

Billed From:

Chelsea, England

Trained By:



February 11, 2008 (WWE)

October 11, 2010 (TNA)

Early Life

Kara and her sister grew up together mostly and did everything together. The two did everything together and still do. When Katarina (Winter) Learned how to Wrestle she taught Kara every thing she knows

Wrestling Career

Kara debuted for the WWE in February of 08 along side her sister using the name Kara Burchill. She mostly followed her sister around but went after the then WWE Womens Champion Mickie James being unsuccessful at getting the title every time. While in the WWE She was on every show that her sister was on. When her sister got released from her contract Kara asked for her release so she could be with her sister more.

Kara made her TNA Debut on October 11, 2010 under the ring name Autumn. She and her sister were interested in Angelina Love and Ally Copeland. They soon stopped following Ally around and just followed Angelina around. Soon after helping Angelina and Winter win the Knockout tag team titles Kara got in a feud with Angelina's sister Ivory Williams and soon Winter and Angelina followed and the three of them tried getting the TNA Knockout title off Ivory but was unsuccessful most of the time. When they did Winter did not hold it long because Ivory defeated her two weeks later then when Winter won the title again Katie Borden stripped her of the title.

Kara mostly follows her sister and Angelina around backstage but also deals with The Entourage when she can. At Bound For Glory On October 17 Kara was one of the Knockouts going for the Knockouts title but was unsuccesful at getting it.

On September 6, 2012 Kara was Granted her release From TNA.

Personal Life

Kara was born and raised in Germany and moved to England with her sister. She is really close to Winter and does everything with her.


  • Summer To Fall (Eye Poke then Stunner)
  • Blood Spit
  • Hall-Pull Backbreaker
  • Spinning Backbreaker

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Winter and Autumn
  • Autumn and Angelina
  • Winter, Autumn and Angelina

Wrestlers Managed

  • Paul Burchill
  • Winter
  • Angelina Love

Entrance Music

  • Midnight Hands by Rise Against (Singles Theme)
  • Hands Of The Wicked by Goldielocks (When Teaming with Winter or Angelina)

Twitter Account

Kara's twitter account is @OfficalAutumn She mostly posts pictures of her and her sister