Justine Jillian Jarrett
Justine Jarrett

Ring Name:

Justine Jarrett

Princess Eights




125 lbs


January 14, 1990 (Age: 23) Hendersonville, Tennessee

Billed From:

Nashville, Tennessee


Louisville, Kentucky

Trained By:

Jeff Jarrett

OVW Staff


March 4, 2012 (OVW)

September 20, 2012 (TNA)

Early Life

Growing up as the oldest Justine has always watched over her siblings while her mom was sick and her dad was on the road. When her mom died in 2007 she dropped out of school to take care of her siblings until her dad remarried in 2010. Soon after she started training to be a wrestler.

Wrestling Career

Justine debuted for OVW in March of 2012. She first just wrestled matches here and there but then got in a rivalry with Christa Sullivan because Christa thought she was trying to steal Crimsion away from her. Justine then challenged for the OVW Women's Championship at the June Saturday night special after then Champion Averylynn Sorensen pinned her. Justine had another chance at the title at the October Saturday Night Special when she faced off against Janica Szantyr but lost again.

Justine debuted on the main roster on September 20, 2012 in a backstage segment with Katie Borden and Maddie Gerdelman Justine then made her in ring debut on December 27, 2012 in a Gut Check segment facing off against Kasey Wilson and losing. The next week after Taz, Al and Katie said yes while Bruce said no Justine got the contract. On January 13, 2013 at Genesis Justine accompained Katie to the ring darning her match against Chelsea Benoit After the match which Katie lost, Justine attacked Chelsea from behind only to be caught in the Crippler Crossface until she was knocked out. After she was Chelsea handcuffed her to the bottom rope then Justine went to help Katie after she was free.

At Lockdown Justine was revealed to be Aces and Eights Member Princess Eights after Katie exposed her after the Knockout Tag title match which her and Alicia Smedley lost.

Personal Life

Justine is the oldest daughter of Jeff and Jill Jarrett. After her mom died she was the caretaker while her dad was away until her dad married Karen in 2010.

Justine is currently dating Wes Brisco.

Siblings: Joslyn Jarrett (Sister), Jaclyn Jarrett (Sister), Jeryn Jarrett (Sister), Kira Angle (Half Sister), Kody Angle (Half Brother)

Family Members: Jeff Jarrett (Dad), Jill Jarrett (Mom-Deceased), Karen Jarrett (Step Mom), Liliana Smedley (Aunt)

Finishing Moves

  • The Stroke (Foward Russian Leg Sweep)
  • Figure Four Leg Lock
  • Guitar Shot (Uses a Guitar)

Wrestlers Managed

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Aces and Eights
  • Alicia and Justine

Entrance Music

  • Cowboy by Kid Rock (OVW Theme)
  • Deadmans Hand by Dale Oliver (Aces and Eights theme and singles theme)