This Wiki is a Fanfiction Wiki only. I do NOT claim to own anything but my characters in general. I do NOT own the Photos that are used for my Characters looks on here. So If I make you mad I apoligize. If you want me to take them down please give me 5-10 days to do so. I do NOT make any money off this Wiki. In other words I use these Characters on (Or some other Fanfiction Website that I suddenly get on) Again I only own the chatacters in General NOT the pictures ok? Thank you and enjoy :D


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Hey guys welcome to my Wiki. Here you'll find info on all my OC's I use on Fanfiction (Or what I have up so far lol :p) Sorry Guys I don't want anyone editing anything here because there are some Trolls on the Internet and I don't want my Characters to be victims of them. But have fun and look around :D If you have a question just ask :p PM Me on Fanfiction at either Or if you need anything :) Or some how ask me on here lol :p Enjoy :D

Oh and FYI this is a FANFICTION Wiki which means I use these Characters for my FANFICTION Stories. They're not real ok! So don't freak out!

Also DISCLAIMER: I do NOT I Repeat 100% do NOT Own these Photos on here they are only for Character Reference and nothing more ok? So if I make you mad I apoligize ok?

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