Carrie Dawn Wilson Copeland
Carrie Wilson
Carrie Darning a Photoshoot

Ring Name:

Carrie Wilson




130 lbs


March, 25, 1981 (Age 31) Boise, Idaho

Billed From:

Sacramento, California


Saceramento, California or Asheville, North Carolina

Trained By:

Triple H

Shawn Michaels

Kurt Angle

Chris Benoit




September, 14, 1999

Early Life

Carrie was born in 1981 and spent most of her life going back and forth living with her mom and dad seperately. When she was 13 she became a green belt in martial arts then a few years later she went and became a third degree black belt. She didn't think Much about being a Profesional Wrestler till both her sister and brother were in WCW

Wrestling Career

Soon after finishing High School Carrie begin training at OVW till she got called up to Raw a couple of months later and started Managing Kurt Angle and at the same time began a rivalry with then current Intercontinental Champion Chyna. Eventually defeating her to become the second Woman to hold the title.

After winning the Intercontinental Championship she started managing Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle and sometimes managing Edge and Christian. Which meant she worked as a tweener for a while. While she was managing those four she began a rivalry with Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship. The rivalry would go on for 5 months before he would defeat her for the title. That would be the last time Carrie would hold a WWE Championship Until 2004 when she defeated Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship

In 2002 before the Brand Split she turned heel completely and joined the nWo which meant that she stopped Managing Kurt for the time being and started managing the members of the nWo. Her time in the nWo Ended when Vince McMahon disbanded the group.

Carrie Wilson 13

Carrie While being a Manager

In 2002 after the Brand Split Carrie appeared on Smackdown mananging Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit again when Chris got transfered to Smackdown with Eddie Guerrero. When Kurt and Chris was forced to become a tag team by then Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon. When that happened Carrie was mostly loyal to Kurt but had a little loyality for Chris as well. When their reign ended she continued to manage both superstars till Carrie turned on Kurt In 04 for firing all the Divas on Smackdown. She remained Chris's manager till his death in June 07. While Managing Both Kurt and Chris Carrie was a Heel on Smackdown and a Face on Raw. When she was Kurt's assistant on Smackdown she was forced to watch her friends and family suffer including her sister Torrie Wilson.

Carrie Wilson 11
While on Raw in 04 Carrie got involved with Chris's Rivalry with Triple H and Shawn Michaels most of the time helping him from being double teamed. Meanwhile while she was helping Chris out she also got herself in a rivalry with Trish Stratus and most of the Raw Divas eventually nicknaming herself 'The Anti Diva'. At Wrestlemania 20 Carrie defeated Victoria and Molly Holly to become the Womens Champion. She would go on to hold the Championship for almost a half a year. While she was feuding with the entire Raw Diva Locker Room (Minus Lita, Ally Copeland and Newcomers Kayla Bautista and Lisa Orton) She also got involved in Chris's Rivalry with Evoultion, There she won her second Intercontinental Championship from Randy Orton While holding the Womens Championship and the Intercontinental Championship she would also win Smackdown's WWE Championship and hold it for 7 months before losing it to then Boyfriend John Cena.

On April 14, 2004 Carrie got her first World tag team title reign when her and Chris won the World tag team championships from Evoultion. They held the titles till Bad Blood that year when they lost the titles to La Resistance. Her second one came when her and John Cena won the titles in 2007 from Rated RKO.

Between April 2004 and June 2004 Carrie was in a short rivalry with Eric Bischoff's apperentice Johnny Nitro when he tried to flurt with her on occassions with the two mostly having matches on Sunday Night Heat and one on Raw. That rivalry ended when Johnny got fired for losing to Eugene.

When the 2005 Draft appeared she once again stayed on both Raw and Smackdown but this time being John Cena's Manager on Raw and staying Chris Benoit's manager on Smackdown. While being John Cena's On screen Girlfriend she along with Raw Divas, Trish Stratus and Ashley got involved in a Rivalry with Vince's Devils which consisted of Carrie's sister Torrie, Candice Michelle and Victoria and continued to be in a rivalry with them until they broke up.

After losing the WWE Championship to him they became an On Screen Couple at the same time Carrie would be a member of DX Darning their second time around while they went against Rated RKO. After John Cena's Rivalry ended with Edge he got traded to Smackdown because it was rumored that he and Carrie kept fighting backstage
Carrie Wilson 15

Carrie After a Workout

all the time. Carrie Remained in DX Till she left the WWE In Late 2008.

In 2006 while she was in DX and managing John Cena she went back to Managing Chris Benoit after weeks of Chavo and Vickie Guerrero attacking him. She joined in the rivalry when she attacked Vickie while talking to Chris. This would not be the only time she would be in a rivalry with Vickie.

In Late 2007 when Carrie won the United States Championship and the Womens Championship in the same night she got switched over to Smackdown and became Batista's Manager while he was in a rivalry against Edge and then Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. She remained Batista's Manager till he got drafted to Raw in June 08. She also Remained on Smackdown till November of 08.

A few months later in March of 09 she showed up at TNA's Destination X PPV as the Special Guest enforcer for AJ Styles vs. Booker T for the Legands Championship. After the match it was announced that Carrie had joined the Frontline in the war against the Main Event Mafia. Darning that time her and AJ would go on to hold the TNA World Tag Team Champions 3 times. She would also hold the TNA Knockout Championship 4 times darning her run with the Company.

After Leaving TNA in February of 2010 she took some time off to have her second child with then Fiance Edge. After she had her son she took time off to rest. She returned at WWE Night Of Champions being the Mystery Opponent of Dolph Ziggler for his Intercontinental Championship. After she defeated him for it she went on to hold the title for 11 months till losing it to Cody Rhodes on the August, 12, 2011 edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

After she won the Intercontinental Championship it was announced that she would be a Pro on NXT Season 4 being a Pro to then FCW Heavyweight Champion Brandon Hall. While being his Pro she continued to be in a Rivalry with Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship and eventually for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship. While Dolph and Carrie went for Edge's Title she and Edge began an On Screen Relationship and continued the relationship with him till he had to retire in April.

Carrie Wilson 2

At The Royal Rumble Carrie did not win the World Heavyweight Championship but later that night she entered the Royal Rumble at number 39 and eliminated Wade Barrett and Santino before eventually eliminating Alberto Del Rio and becoming the first Diva to Win the Royal Rumble. A Few Weeks Later on Raw Carrie announced that she would face Edge for his World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Both Edge and Carrie almost didn't make it to Wrestlemania because then Smackdown Offical Consultant Vickie Guerrero accused them of attacking Smackdown General Manager Adrienne Irvine but Adrienne came back and revealed Vickie and Dolph Ziggler as her attackers and Fired Dolph Ziggler that night.

On The March 1st episode of NXT it was announced that her rookie Brandon won and got him and her a WWE Tag Team Title Shot which they cashed it in at Wrestlemania and won the titles. She returned as a Pro for NXT Season 5 being a pro to Chelsea Benoit helping her win that season. At Wrestlemania Carrie also won the World Heavyweight Championship defeating Edge for the title. She is still Currently Holding it along with the Tag Team Titles.

Carrie Wilson 4

Darning the 2011 WWE Draft Carrie along with Brandon got drafted over to Raw there she was in a Rivalry with The Miz and Alex Riley till Alex turned against him. After her rivalry with Miz ended for the time being she began a rivalry with CM Punk eventually putting her career on the line at Money In The Bank which she successfuly made sure Punk did not get her world title. He returned two weeks later and the two faced off at Summerslam where Carrie once again defended her title. At Night Of Champions Carrie and Brandon Defeated Awesome Truth to retain their tag titles and Carrie defeated Alberto with the Crippler Crossface to retain her WHC she used the same move to beat Alberto again.

On October 12th it was announced that Carrie along with the Co VP of the WWE Divas Laura Levesque, Ally Copeland and Chelsea Benoit became the new Owners of the WWE and created the Stable Redemption. Their first ruling was that Ally and Chelsea became the Co GM's of Raw with John Laurinaitis It is Rumored that Carrie will be bringing back her Anti Diva Gimmick but at the moment it's just a Rumor.

At Vengenance her and Brandon retained their titles against Air Boom and Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. She also retained her World Title against Alberto Del Rio. On the October 24th edition of Raw it was announced that Redemption brought back the WWE Womens Championship and Carrie along with her teammates will face The Sisters Of Salvation and Stacy Laurinaitis, Arianna Irvine, Riley Stephens and Alex Jones for the title at Survivor Series with the last Diva standing getting the title.

On October 31st it was announced that Brandon had broken his ankle and that he would miss two months of action. Meanwhile it was announced that Chelsea would be Carrie's tag team partner until Brandon gets back.

At Survivor Series she was unsuccessful at getting the WWE Womens Championship but she successfuly retained her World Championship against Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk. The next Monday Carrie had to face her sister Karla in a Champion vs.Champion match. Carrie won using Destinybreaker. After the match she had a confirmation with John Laurinaitis backstage about defending her title against Alberto again. She pushed down John and walked away.

On the November 28th edition of Raw Carrie retained her title against Alberto Del Rio. After the match she once again had a confirmtation with John Laurinaitis with him telling her that she has to defend her World title against CM Punk, Alberto and Miz in a Fatal 4 way TLC match at Tables Ladders and Chairs both Audrey Dunn and Punk were witnesses to that.

On the December 5th edition of Raw Carrie was put in a match with Kevin Nash by David Otunga. After barely winning the match Carrie had to call for Chelsea and Audrey for back up. After the two ran out Kevin just smiled and walked out of the ring. Later that night after Carrie signed the contract for her TLC match she decked John Laurinaitis and ran out of the ring with Chelsea and Ashley Batten.

At the Slammy Awards one week later Carrie won three awards. The first was the holy bleep moment of the year which she got with Redemption for owning the WWE and the second was her and Brandon winning tag team of the Year. was that she became Superstar of the year with CM Punk. After she won the superstar of the year moment she once again decked Interm Raw GM John Laurinaitis when he tried to accept the award on their behaif.

At TLC Carrie and Chelsea with Ashley in their corner defeated Primo and Epico with Rosa in their corner to retain the Tag team championships. Later that night after Karla lost her US Title and Cody attacked Booker from behind Carrie put Karla and Cody against Each other for the Intercontinental Championship which Karla won. She also retained her WHC in the TLC match.

The next night on Raw she appeared in a segement with Karla, Zack Ryder and Brooke Warner before it was interupted by The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Then Carrie made an 8 person tag team match where it was her, Karla, Zack and Brooke vs. Miz, Alberto, Cody and Dolph before John Laurinaitis could stick his nose in it. Later in the main event her team won after Carrie hit Miz with Destinybreaker. Surprisingly she did not hurt John Laurinaitis that night.

On January 2nd Carrie retained her World Title due to Brandon returning and decking John Laurninaitis. Afterwards he held up Laurniaitis and Carrie speared him. One week Later she defeated Jack Swagger thus Banning him and Vickie from her title match with Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble.

On the January 16th Edition of Raw Carrie and Brandon defended their tag team titles against Epico and Primo which the two won. She also competed in a 6 person tag team match which was her teaming with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho to take on David Otunga, Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler. After she won the match which she had help from Mick Folley after Chris left her team and Mark chased Bryan off and Mick came after he got permission from Chelsea to be in the match. John Laurinaitis came down and tried to reverse the decidion but Carrie got in his face and threw the Microphone at him and walked off angerly.

Carrie Wilson 16

Carrie trying to hide while Adam goes crazy with his Camera

On the January 23rd Edition of Raw Carrie called out John Laurinaitis and threatened to go to the back if he didn't come out. She tried going to the back but John Cena came out and called him out as well. Then John Laurinaitis came out and made Carrie and John team up to take on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a tag team match. Darning the match when Carrie tried going for Destinybreaker Laurinaitis got up and told her to get down before Chelsea pulled him down from the Apron. After her and John won the match Carrie challanged John Laurinaitis to a match for later that night and he accepted. When it came time for the match it never happened because Laurinaitis told her that his job was on the line thanks to his actions last week and Carrie told him that she didn't care and speared both him and David Otunga before Spearing Dolph Ziggler who tried attacking her from behind.

On the January 30th Edition of Raw Carrie along with CM Punk came out darning a segment with John Laurinaitis and Chelsea Benoit and made fun of him for getting fired. They then appeared in a segment with Daniel Bryan. Later that night darning her match with Bryan both her and Punk were attacked by Chris Jericho. It was reported that along with Christian Carrie will induct Edge into the Hall of Fame.

At the Elimination Chamber she retained her title and the next night on Raw her and Daniel Bryan had to trade titles thus making her the WWE Champion. She also appeared on commatary later that night for the battle royal which Chris Jericho won. After the match Carrie got in the ring and smirked and raised her belt at him then left the ring. The next night on Smackdown She faced off against Daniel Bryan and won due to Trinity Farrelly running out and taking out Brooke, Bryan and John Laurinaitis. After the match she had her hands raised by both Kayla and Trinity.

On the March 5th edition of Raw Carrie along with Chelsea and Sheamus went out to the ring to make sure that John Laurinaitis would not screw Karla out of the US Title. Later that night she teamed up with Sheamus to take on Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan which they lost after Chris rolled up Carrie for the win. On the March 12th edition of Raw after Carrie defeated the Miz Chris Jericho came up on the titiantron and said that he did some research on her and that her mom treated her like crap because she was a one night stand mistake and he said she would do the same to her daughter Selena and that at Wrestlemania he would be the best in the world and that she would be nothing. After he said that Carrie left the ring almost in tears. Later on when interviewed her she refused to answer any questions and begged them to leave her alone before walking away.

Carrie Wilson 30

Carrie at the 2012 Hall Of Fame Ceremony

On the March 26th Edition of Raw Carrie accompaned CM Punk for his match against Christian. Before the match Chris Jericho came up on the titantron and called both Punk and Carrie bastard children. He also told Carrie that Edge never loved her and that he married her because he felt sorry for her. He says that he bets that Edge wishes he was with Lita again. Then both Carrie and Punk attacked Christian.

At Wrestlemania 28 Carrie appeared in a backstage segment with Edge telling her that Jericho is an idiot and what he's been saying about him wishing that he was with Lita again was untrue and that he loves her and only her. He also said that she shouldn't listen to him. Later that night after team Kayla lost she speared Eve. She also retained her title against Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

The next night on Raw she appeared with Redemption and explained the 'Redemption Rules'. Basically saying that Laurinaitis has little control over what's happening. She was also the special guest referee in the Triple Threat match for the US Title. After the match her and Karla danced with Brodus Clay and his Dancers. Later that night she defeated Mark Henry.

On the March 9th Edition of Raw Carrie faced off against Mark Henry again and won via DQ.

On the April 30th Edition of Raw Carrie and Audrey teamed up against Kelly and Mariah and defeated them. She later on defended her tag team titles with Brandon against R-Truth and Kofi Kingston and defeated them. She later on congradulated Daniel Bryan for winning the Beat The Clock Challange. Carrie then defeated Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit. The next night on Raw Daniel accused Carrie of tapping out to the YES lock but Carrie said she did no such thing. She then put Daniel in a match against Kane then went on Commentary while the match went on. After the match Carrie set up Daniel Bryan by having Kane attack him instead of her.

Carrie Wilson 14

On the May 28th Edition of Raw Carrie along with Punk, Audrey and new Diva/Knockout Harmony Daniels Interrupted John Laurinaitis, David Otunga and Eve when they revealed Johnny's "WWE 13 Cover" Carrie and Punk then revealed the real cover which was Punk on the cover. Carrie then faced off against Daniel (With Harmony in her corner) Darning the match Brooke walked out to the ring and Harmony tried to get her to the back but she didn't listen so Harmony used Last Rites on her. Meanwhile Carrie got Daniel in the Destinybreaker and defeated him. After the match Kane came out and Bryan escaped and Harmony handed Carrie a steel chair and she used it on Kane before going to the back with her.

At Raw 1000 Carrie was out with DX darning the DX Reunion. After Damien Sandow came out Carrie along with Triple H and Shawn Michaels hit him with their finishers. Later on in the back when her and the rest of DX Saw Hunter and Trish Stratus in the back she took a picture of it and posted it to twitter. Later on after her match with John Cena along with Punk and Audrey Carrie and Harmony turned heel and attacked the Rock. After the beatdown Carrie followed the others to the back without saying anything.

On the July 30th Edition of Raw Carrie along with Punk, Audrey and Harmony were out in the ring explaining themselves then Big Show followed by John Cena, Laura and Carissa Hickenbottom came out and started arguing. Then Chelsea came out and announced a number one contenders match for later that night which the winner would face her at Summerslam. Darning the match Carrie and Punk attacked Big Show and John Cena and called them Losers. They then argued with Chelsea who made the Triple Threat match at Summerslam which she threatened to cash in her Money In The Bank Briefcase on Carrie if she doesn't follow the rules.

Darning her heel turn She's gained Paul Heyman as a manager and her and Punk have been complaining about not getting respect or anything. At The Royal Rumble she lost her WWE Championship to the Rock which she and Punk threw a temper tantrum on Raw the next night.

On the February 11th Edition of Raw Carrie along with Punk, Audrey and Harmony convinced Paul Heyman not to quit. Later that night both Punk and Carrie took the Rock's belt.

Personal Life

Carrie and Selena Wilson

Carrie and her daughter Selena together

Starting in 2002 and ending in Late 2007 Carrie was involved in a 5 year relationship with John Cena but ended in 07 shortly after Carrie had their Daughter Selena. Shortly after breaking up with John. Carrie began dating Edge and eventually getting married to him On May, 22, 2010.

When Carrie and Edge weren't speaking Chris Benoit named them Chelesa's Godparents incase anything happened to him and Martina.

Carrie and her sisters Katie and Karla are 100% Straightedge

In addition to her Martial Arts Training Carrie also has some MMA training under her belt.

On January 31st Carrie found out that her cousin Kasey Wilson was actually her twin sister. She was mad at her mom for seperating them.

Siblings: Kasey Wilson (Twin Sister) Torrie Wilson (Half Sister), Sting (Half Brother), Karla Wilson (Half Sister), Katie Jones (Half Sister), AJ Styles (Half Brother In Law), Samantha Jones (Half Sister In Law), Alex Shelley (Half Brother In Law), Lanette Martin (Half Sister In Law) Mandy Jones (Half Sister In Law) Ally Bennett (Sister In Law), Wade Barrett (Brother In Law), Natalie Bennett (Sister In Law), Martin Bennett (Brother In Law)

Children: Selena Wilson (Daughter), Edward Copeland (Son)

Edward Copeland 1 Year Old

Carrie's 1 Year Old Son Edward

Nieces/Nephews: Asia Borden (Half Niece), Gracie Borden (Half Niece), Garrett Borden (Half Nephew), Stephen Borden Jr. (Half Nephew) Avery, Ajay, Albey and Skylar Jones (Half Nephews and Half Adoptive Niece), Alex Jones (Half Niece)

Cousins: Candice Newcomb (Half Cousin), Rayne Roberts (Cousin in Law), Miranda Overton (Half Cousin)

Divas Championship Controversy

In a December 2010 Interview when Carrie was asked about going for the Divas Championship in the Future Carrie said this. "I don't think I would be going for the title anytime soon because I don't think that the title has meaning yet. I just think that the Divas Championship is for Divas who are Eye Candy in the WWE 99% Of the Time. I feel that Divas like Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Laura Helmsley and Carissa Michaels can help that title have meaning you know." When that interview was plublished Carrie got alot of heat along the Divas that has since then cooled down. And Carrie is slowly changing her views on the Divas Championship

Carrie Wilson 8

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • The Anti Diva (2004-2005, Possibly 2011-Present)
    Carrie Wilson 12

    Carrie being more Serious while being 'The Anti Diva'

  • The Peoples Champions (With CM Punik)


  • Destinybreaker (RKO off the Ropes)
  • Death Lock Neck Lock (Twist Legs Around Opponent really Hard)
  • Spear
  • Darkness Approaches (Knee Drop From The Top Rope and Used Rarely)
  • Ankle Lock
  • Crippler Crossface

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Carrie and Brandon
  • Carrie and Karla
  • Sisters Of Darkness (Her and Katie)
  • Carrie and Audrey
  • Redemption (Her, Ally, Laura and Chelsea)
  • The Best Tag Team In The World (Her and CM Punk)

Managers Managed

  • nWo(Till Late 02)
  • Kurt Angle (Till 04)
  • Chris Benoit (Till 07)
  • Batista (Till June 08)
  • AJ Styles (Till 10)
  • Edge (Till April 11)
  • John Cena (Till Mid 11)
  • CM Punk
  • Alex Riley (Till Mid 11)
  • Brandon Hall
  • Jasmine El
  • Audrey Dunn
  • Chelsea Benoit (Until 12')
  • Harmony Daniels


  • Kurt Angle (Till 04)
  • Chris Benoit (Till 07)
  • Katie Borden (Till 06 and till 10)
  • AJ Styles (Till 10)
  • Edge (Till April 11)
  • Brandon Hall
  • Audrey Dunn
  • Jasmine El
  • Laura Levesque
  • Ally Copeland
  • Chelsea Benoit
  • Harmony Daniels
  • CM Punk
  • Paul Heyman

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

Title Reigns

  • 5 Time WWE Womens Champion
  • 2 Time WWE United States Champion
  • 5 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion
  • 2 Time WWE Champion
  • 2 Time WWE World Tag Team Champion (With Chris Benoit 1 Time and With John Cena 1 Time)
  • 3 Time TNA Tag Team Champion
  • 4 Time TNA Knockout Champion
  • 1 Time WWE Tag Team Champion  (With Brandon Hall 1 Time and Chelsea Benoit 1 Time (Until Brandon got back)
  • 1 Time World Heavyweight Champion


  • 2011 Royal Rumble Winner
  • 1st Ever Diva Royal Rumble Winner
  • On and Off GM of Raw or Smackdown
  • 2011 Slammy Award for Holy Bleep moment of the year
  • 2011 Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year (With Brandon)
  • 2011 Slammy Award for Superstar of the year

Entrance Music

Twitter Account

Carrie's Twitter account is @CWilson and mostly uses it to joke around with her friends and update her fans on some things going on with her. She also uses it to get on to the imposters posing as her or Edge.

Carrie Wilson 10

Carrie's Twitter Picture