Britney Selena Gerdelman
Britney Gerdelman

Ring Name





120 lbs


October 18, 1990 (Age 21) Palm Springs, California

Billed From:

Anaheim, California


Yucca Valley, California

Trained By:


Carrie Wilson

AJ Styles

Christopher Daniels

Samoa Joe


April 23, 2010

Early Life

When Britney was growing up she did everything with her twin sister. Because of that everyone including her family could not tell the pair apart and that they liked most of time since they could get away with almost everything

Wrestling Career

Britney and Brianna first started out in FCW after WWE gave them a developmental contract. While in FCW they met Carrie Wilson darning a show and while Carrie was taking a break from Wrestling due to her second pregnancy she trained the sisters as much as she could. A Few months later Britney and Brianna were released from FCW and Carrie still trained them for a while.

When Britney and her sister debuted for TNA they just mostly wrestled tag team matches mostly and sometimes singles matches. When their brother joined Fortune they payed no attention. Britney and Brianna got title shots here and there but never really got a chance to get the titles until in February of 11

In February Britney and Brianna got into a mini feud with then TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Alyssa Harter and Lanette Martin for the titles. The Feud ended when Britney and Brianna defeated them for the titles. While holding the titles Britney and Brianna has beat the likes of Madison Rayne and Tara, Winter and Angelina Love and most Recently Rosita and Sarita.

On November 3rd Britney and Brianna Lost the titles to Madison Rayne and Gail Kim.

Personal Life

Britney is the older sister of Brianna Gerdelman (By 3 Minutes) and the Younger sister of Kazarian.

Siblings: Brianna Gerdelman (Sister), Kazarian (Brother), Traci Brooks (Sister In Law), Shiloh Brookshaw (Sister In Law)


Britney And Brianna Gerdelman

Britney and Brianna after a Photoshoot. A Good Example of not being able to tell them apart


  • S&M (Inverted DDT)
  • Commander (Spinning Drop Kick)

With Brianna

  • Twin Fury (One Twin holds the opponent on their shoulders and the other goes to the top rope and does a flying closeline on the opponent)

Tag Teams/Stables

  • Britney and Brianna

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion (With Brianna)

Entrance Music

Twitter Account

Britney's Twitter Account is a joint one with her sister @BritneyandBrianna and they mostly use it to update everyone on what they're doing and confuse people for fun.